How to Buy

If you would like to fund us to remove ocean plastic from remote beaches and coastlines, then please click on the large blue text below, to donate through PayPal.

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Initially you will receive an order confirmation from your chosen payment provider. We will wait until we hit our project threshold of 1000kg prior to planning a ocean plastic removal project. If we are in a brisk sales period such as Christmas, then we may plan a larger project which may involve removal of a ton or more plastic in one planned project.

After the project has been completed, some time will be taken to write up a project page on this website. This will include all details of project, including maps, data on plastics, photographs, videos etc. We will then issue certificates by email, in a PDF format.

For anyone interested in the environment this will no doubt make an interesting and thoughtful gift, although some patience is required.


We would be disappointed if you did, but there is nothing to stop you re-claiming you money back from us via your chosen payment provider, if you change your mind, or are unhappy with the wait. Paypal call this "making a claim" it is easy to do through your paypal account.

Tricky Bits

When we are removing ocean plastic, to deliver your gift we encounter the following problems.

Inclusions & Attachments

Plastic on beaches in often covered in weed, or redundant biological structures (biofouling). Bottles or bags can be full of sand, water or mud.

We do our best to get just the plastic, but never do. The upshot is that some of your weight allowance will not be plastic at all. That is just the nature of things.

If we were to wash this off, it would either create lots of microplastics by breaking down or abrading the item, and works against us.

Small Items

Some times we use a rake, or fork to scoop up smaller items or large amounts of rope or string. These can have weed or other natural materials tangled up with them. We try to minimise this but there is always some natural material included in the weight total.