Company Details

Southwest Environmental Limited was funded in 2009, we have worked for around 600 individuals, and businesses over that time, undertaking reporting, investigating in the field, and project managing waste removal projects. We always deliver.

Our typical project value is between £1000 and £15,000. We are effectively looking to crowd fund this ocean plastic removal project via the sale of gift certificates.

You can find our company listed on Companies House (6937789), we bank and pay tax in the UK. Our main company website lists the other work we undertake.

We give around £500 to charity each year including causes such as Wikimedia Foundation, Client Earth, and Friends of the Earth.

Note from Will

Will Thorpe BSc PGD FGS MIAEG MIAIA MBIAC MIEnvSc AMIAQM (Managing and Technical Director)

"I have spent most of my time-out throughout my life exploring remote places. I crave solitude, and treasure the uneasy feeling of being far from civilization. In recent years, I have found this isolation harder and harder to find. No matter how remote, I am confronted with reminders of humanities mistreatment of the environment in the form of plastic waste; wherever I go.

The crunch point, was a 2020 trip to the Western Isles in Scotland, where on some stretches of coast line it was hard to walk without continually treading on plastic waste. This despite the areas typically being over 2 hours walk from the nearest village or road.

Hopefully, with support from clients (please place an order) we can remove this plastic creating clean beaches, and reduce generation of microplastics."


Southwest Environmental Limited (SWEL) are a long standing reputable consultancy firm, delivering all kinds of projects reliably for over a decade. This ocean plastic removal gift project is fulfilled directly by SWEL with help from selected contractors for waste disposal (Veolia). All direction in field and office such as record keeping, and certificate processing is overseen by our staff members, who are trained environmental scientists, and are comfortable working in the field whilst keeping track of records & positioning.

In short in buying this gift you can be assured that your chosen quantity of plastic will be removed, transported and destroyed and the process well documented. The certificate also contains a link to the project page from which your plastic originated. This will contain a write up on the project, with photographs of broader area, the heaps of ocean plastic waste collected, and videos of the operation. Thanks in advance.